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Ekvity's Stock SIP Ad on Business Today Magazine

Ekvity Stock SIP-Business Today Magazine Ad.jpg

Ding ding, Ekvity is in Magazine!

We are glad to share with you our very first advertisement on the Business Today Magazine dated July 26, 2020, issue titled 'TECHNOVATION 2020'.

This is our very first experience of publishing an Ad with one of India's leading Business Magazines - 'Business Today'.

When we had a plan to take our brand-new service 'Stock SIP' to people, we were all excited. We thought of doing the ad on print media (business magazine). Though we have been the readers of the magazine, for the first time we were going to be a part of it by publishing our ad. From choosing the magazine to advertise to brainstorming the design and content for the ad, the entire process was challenging as well as exciting for us because we had a deadline of 3 days. We are proud of our team that they did everything in making this task a success.

You know, when we were making this particular creative, we thought of connecting the word SIP with something that people can relate. So, what better than our very famous beverage 'Chai', in which every 'Chuski' (Sip) is full of real fun.

Isliye, asli mazaa chuski mein hai! Investment ki chuski lo aur khush raho!

With Stock SIP by Ekvity, you can enjoy every SIP of your investment, just like you enjoy every SIP of your tea or coffee.

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