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7 Reasons why it is Smart to Invest in Hero FinCorp Shares

Hero FinCorp as per sources online is described as a Non-Banking Financial Company, which means it offers certain financial services without being a bank. Hero Fincorp extends its financial aid to individuals and companies and primarily provides loans against property as well as two-wheeler financing.

Hero FinCorp is a subsidiary of Hero MotoCorp and has seen great success since its inception in 1992.

Here are the seven reasons why you should invest in Hero FinCorp Shares:

Brand name and Goodwill:

When it comes to two-wheelers, Hero is a trusted generic brand in India. Over the decades it has managed to keep a good public reputation and even growing thanks to its goodwill. These aspects (such as brand name and goodwill) play an important role as they are a reflection of the public’s opinion about the company.

Hero, having instilled that trust into its customers over the years, is in a good position to leverage on this advantage.

Marquee Clients:

We can observe that Hero has managed to stay in the limelight even so many years after its inception because of its marquee clients. Basically, it was associated with big brands that can influence its market and worth. Even now it is featured on popular Radio channels and has a major stake in IPL as well as the Asia Cup to mention a few.

Price Diversity:

Hero has adopted the clever move of implementing diverse and convenient pricing strategies. It is the pricing strategies that have played a major role to sustain the customers. When it comes to strategic business planning, Hero has outdone itself as it makes sure individual or companies don’t suffer too much for unfair reasons.

Past Performance:

While such things are generally hard to predict the financials of Hero FinCorp have shown a positive trend despite the economic turbulence experienced over the past decades. It has reasonable profit margins yet has managed to make profits of a great volume. Its profit after tax is also comparatively better than similar companies in the same industry. Compared to the interest earned exceeds the interest by a big margin.

Credit Rating:

Popular credit rating agencies in India (CRISIL and ICRA) have awarded good credit scores to Hero FinCorp. The only way to get a good credit rating is by making timely repayments which is possible when there is a constant healthy level of inflow of resources which happens when the business is doing well.


Being a financial service provider, Hero FinCorp is well aware of how money works and have managed to shield themselves from the shocks in its external environment. They change with the times and come up with effective strategies to combat the various challenges they get from time-to-time.

Client Relationship:

Several clients (people and organizations alike) can vouch for the performance of Hero FinCorp. Hero FinCorp is no longer a random brand but connects to people at a sentimental level. It is this amicable and trustworthy alliance between Hero and its clients that have made it flourish to such an extent.

Reflect on the above-mentioned aspects and make the most of the Hero FinCorp Pre-IPO Shares.

This is your chance to make a fortune with Hero FinCorp Shares!