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Equity Opportunities Plan

Key Highlights

Self-Curated: The plan is an In-House development. The entity’s research team undergoes a cumbersome & long process to filter companies and from the universe of Emerging Blue-Chips, select Only 4-6 Companies.

Comprehensive Research: The plan envisages high level of precision. This is achieved by thorough research about the Company, its Management, its position in the industry, unique opportunities & the possibility of a MOAT.

High Returns: The plan offers an investor with an approx. CAGR of 30%+.

Spotting Multi Baggers: EIA believes in Investing! We provide our clients with an extensive information base for each company participating in the portfolio. This enables our clients to learn about businesses and also assists in spotting Multi Baggers in the long run.

Accountability: Our Double Hurdle Feature, ensures client interest. First Hurdle, is to surpass compounded risk-free growth. Our second hurdle is to participate in the Profit Sharing only once we have delivered 2 Times the value invested.

Ease of Operation: We believe in Simple Investing. Wealth is a product of Quality Pickings and Patience. The Samvat Plan reduces the burden of Annual Investment Planning with its Lump sum Approach and Independent Demat Account. The investor has a dedicated account for Eq. Opportunities Plan, ensuring swift liquidation & response to grievances.



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