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Ekvity Introduces 4 New Services

Ekvity Introduces 4 New Services

Our company Ekvity completed 4 years on September 15, 2019. On this special occasion of our 4th Anniversary, we introduced 4 brand-new services for our clients. Today, in our blog, we are going to share these 4 New Services in detail with you.

Here’s a glimpse on our 4 new services:

1Retirement Annuity Planning

As the name suggests, Retirement Annuity Planning is for every individual who wants to have a stress-free financial life during their retirement. Retirement annuity planning refers to the allocation of savings for retirement. In the simplest sense, it is the planning one does to be prepared for life after paid work ends. The ultimate goal of retirement annuity planning is to achieve financial independence.

Retirement Annuity Planning aims at mobilising your current investments to generate fixed periodic cash flow. The cash flow is steady with a fixed annuity, payable every month. The said planning assists in the creation of an active income from your investments, enough to mitigate routine expenses.

2Goal-Based Planning

Goal-Based financial planning is a process which allows individuals to save and invest for various financial goals in different time horizons. Suppose you have goals in life such as to own dream home, go on a dream holiday or vacation, child's education, child's marriage, etc. whatever the goal you have, it is essential to do goal-based financial planning so that you can accomplish your goals on time.

With goal-based planning, we help achieve our client's life goals through a basket of well curated products with superior risk adjusted returns.

3Conceptual Insurance

Insurance is a form of risk management, primarily used as a hedge against the risk of a contingent or an uncertain loss. Insurance planning is to protect yourself, your family, your loved ones, your home, your assets or your business against unexpected life events. Hence, insurance is essential to protect your life and your most important assets.

One needs the right insurance policy that will go a long way towards helping them safeguard financially in future during any exigency in life. At Ekvity, we like to differentiate ourselves by not just offering the Traditional Insurance Solutions like Life and Medical (Health) Insurance but most importantly focus on Concept-Driven Insurances like MWPA, Employer-Employee, etc. The thought behind the Conceptual Insurance is to first understand the client’s requirement and then provide a solution taking into consideration the required Risk Cover, Investment Returns and Age Bracket. We consider insurance as a valuable financial planning tool. So, avail our insurance services to stay educated and protected.

4Stock SIP

The fourth new service by Ekvity is Stock SIP. You may have heard about Mutual Funds SIP, but do you know that now you can start SIPs for your stock investments too! With Ekvity, it's all possible. Just fix the monthly investment amount, and voila you can kick start your Stock SIP journey. Stock SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is also known as Equity SIP.

Stock SIP is an instrument which helps one avoid the risk of timing the markets and facilitate wealth creation in a disciplined manner by averaging the cost of Investments. For a trusted and safe experience, invest in Stock SIP at Ekvity today.

We are pleased to make Investing simple for all with our New and Pre-Existing services.

We are Wealth Creators, before Wealth Managers!

About us:

Ekvity Ventures LLP is a leading financial services provider that mainly emphasizes on Tailor-made solutions in the areas of Unlisted/Pre-IPO shares, Wealth Management, Insurance Planning and Mutual Funds.

If you need any help in your financial journey, our expert finance team can help you reach your financial goals. Just get in touch with us, and we will connect with you as soon as possible. Thank you!