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Buy Pre-IPO Shares in India | Upcoming IPO Stocks - Ekvity Ventures

Ekvity takes pride in providing assets which create long term value. We have developed a niche of providing shares of companies in the process of hitting the Indian Capital Markets. The shares offered are of companies which enjoy a healthy growth rate and have industry leading future prospects for growth. Pre-IPO Shares is an excellent investment opportunity mainly focusing on long term wealth creation.

Initial Public Offering or IPO is the first sale of shares by a private company to the public. Through the initial offering, the company collects funds to meet its working capital requirements, debt repayment, acquisitions and more. Many times, people are not aware of the upcoming IPOs and issues of companies with quality management, sound business models, robust growth prospects, etc. They may even receive an overwhelming response from informed investors/public and get oversubscribed. In such cases, aspiring investors who aren't aware of these IPOs may lose the opportunity to earn good returns.

That’s why we at Ekvity, help our clients to stay ahead by informing them of the upcoming IPO stocks and also give them an opportunity to get an early entry into the company by bringing them the opportunity to buy Pre-IPO Shares.

At Ekvity, we are aware that investors find it difficult to go through the documents and understand the implications of the data mentioned therein. We provide our client with the essential data of the forthcoming IPOs along with an overview drafted by our team of experts. This facilitates the clients to understand the investment opportunity better and enables them to make an informed investment decision.

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We currently deal with the following companies:
HDB Financial Services Limited
Kurlon Enterprise Limited
FINO Paytech Limited
HDFC Securities Limited
Hero FinCorp Limited
Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Limited
One97 Communications Limited
The National Stock Exchange of India Limited